Still no news about Alexis Sanchez’s future at Arsenal.

Still no news about Alexis Sanchez’s future at Arsenal. The Chilean forward has been the main star of the team for several years now and is still able to surprise the fans with his performance.
However, the team management is not ready to give up on the player and is ready to make a transfer offer for the player.
The Gunners have already made a number of transfers in the summer, so it is not surprising that they are ready to do the same for the club.
So, the club has already made several transfers, which can be considered as a good sign for the future of the club and the team.
Here is a list of the most interesting transfers that Arsenal managed to make this summer.
1. Eric Bailly
The Frenchman is a good goalkeeper, but his price is too high. The club is ready for this transfer and will try to get Bailly for a reasonable price.

3. Merson
The Portuguese winger is a player who can play in several positions on the field. He is a great scorer, but the club is not going to pay too much for him.
4. Jorginho
The Brazilian midfielder is a versatile player, who can also play in the center of the field or in the attacking line.
5. Granit Xhaka
The young Belgian is a talented player who is ready not only to score goals, but also to distribute them and to make the team’s defense work.
6. Sokratis
The Greek midfielder is an excellent player who has already scored a lot of goals for the team, but he is still young and needs time to develop.
7. Yarmolenko
The Ukrainian midfielder is ready and able to play in various positions on defense. He can also become a starter for the first team. The price is not high, but it is necessary to pay for this.
8. De Bruyne
The Belgian striker is a fantastic player who scores a lot and is able to distribute the goals. He also has a good technique and is a strong player. The cost of the transfer is not too high, so the club will try not to lose him.

Arsenal Transfer News
The club has recently made a series of transfers, and it is now clear that the management is ready make a new transfer for the best player of the year.
This summer, the Gunners managed to sign a number 1 striker in the transfer market, which is a very good sign.
Eric Bailly is a young player who scored a number 11 in the Premier League. He has already shown that he is a complete striker, who has the ability to distribute his goals to all parts of the pitch.
He is a free agent at the end of the season, so he will have to decide whether to stay at Arsenal or to return to his previous club, Chelsea.
In the summer of 2012, the Chelsea player was signed by Arsenal for a very low price. He was a young and talented player, but after a few months, he was not able to show his best game.
Bailly has already managed to show that he can be a good striker, but now the club needs to make him a more serious transfer.
If the club manages to sign Bailly, then the cost of his transfer will be very low.

The main transfer of the summer was the signing of Merson, who is a Portuguese winger. The young player is a striker who can distribute the ball to all the parts of his team. He scored a good number of goals in the Portuguese championship, which shows that he has potential.
Also, the cost for the transfer of Merso is not very high, and the club can pay for it.
Arsenal also managed to get Granit, a Belgian midfielder, for a relatively low price, which also shows that the club management is serious about the player’ s transfer. The young Belgian midfielder is able not only distribute the balls, but can also make the defense work and score goals.
Another transfer that the Gunner club managed to do was the acquisition of Sokratisin, a young Greek midfielder. The player is able both to distribute and score, so his price for the Gunni club is quite low. The transfer is a positive sign for Arsenal.
You can always follow the latest news about the team and its players on the website of sports statistics.
Main Transfer News of Arsenal
The team has recently managed to win the Premier league, so now they need to win more titles to get to the Champions League zone.
After the summer transfer, the main transfer news of the Gunns is the acquisition by the club of Eric Baillys. The English player is the club’ss number 1 scorer. He managed to score a total of 33 goals in 36 matches, which demonstrates that the player is ready, not only for the Premier ligue, but for the international arena too.
At the end, the player will decide whether he will stay at the club or return to Chelsea. The latter player is one of the main stars of the Premier, so this transfer is good news for the management.
Bailys’ Transfer is Good News for Arsenal
Baillys is a promising player who managed to become the club number 1 in the English Premier league.

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