How Uruguay can beat Egypt and qualify for the next round.

The Copa America is in full swing, and the tournament has already seen a lot of unexpected results. The main favorites of the tournament are Brazil and Argentina, but it is clear that Uruguay is ready to take part in it.
In the current tournament, the team of Diego Maradona has a good chance of winning the gold medals. The team of the legendary Argentine coach is very balanced and has a lot to show in the tournament.
Uruguay has a great opportunity to qualify for next year’s World Cup. The national team has already qualified for the Copa América, and it is now ready to show its best game.

The team of Maradón has a number of advantages over the Egyptian team. First of all, the national team of Egypt has a very strong lineup, which is able to play in the international arena.
Also, the Egyptian players have a lot experience in the Copacabana stadium, where they have already played several matches.
Moreover, the Egyptians have a good coach, who is able not only to motivate his players, but also to make them perform well in the matches. This is exactly the key to the success of the Egyptian national team.
This summer, the players of the national squad have already become more active. They have participated in several tournaments, which allowed them to improve their level of performance.
All Copa matches are important for the team, and they will have to show their best game in order to achieve their goals.
Who will win the match of the round?
The match of round 1 between Uruguay and Egypt was very interesting and not without its surprises. The first match was won by the Egyptian side, but the second one was very close.
However, the decisive match was not so important, because the outcome of the game was decided by a single mistake of the team. The Egyptian team was the first to score, but in the next match the Uruguayans were able to take the lead.
It is worth noting that the Egyptian goalkeeper, Alaa Al-Hussaini, was injured, and he was replaced by the young goalkeeper, Mohamed Salah.
After the game, the coach of the Uruguayan team, Oscar Tabarez, said that the team was very confident and that they were ready to fight for the victory.
“We are confident, we have a great lineup, we are ready to play with the Egyptian”, said the coach.
That is why the match between the two teams was so interesting. The game ended with a score of 3:1.
You can watch the game of the match in full here.
What are the main advantages of the victory of the Egyptians?
After a long struggle, the Uruguayan team managed to win the first match of Copa Americas. The victory was due to the following factors:
1. Excellent selection of players. The players of Uruguay are able to show a good game in every match.
2. Good teamwork. The Egyptians have the best players in the world, and their teamwork is very good.
3. Individual skills of the players. They are able not to make mistakes and to achieve the desired result.
4. Good selection of goals. The coach of Uruguay, Oscar, has already mentioned that the game will be decided by the first goal.
As for the Egyptian lineup, it is very similar to the one of the Uruguaian team. However, the main difference is that the players from the Egyptian bench have already won several matches in the national arena. They know well how to use the ball and how to make it pass to the teammates.
If the Egyptian squad is able, then it is also possible that the result of the first round will be the victory in the second match. The match of this round will take place on August 12 in the stadium of the Copdah. It is worth highlighting that the winner of the second round will get the right to play for the gold medal.
Where can fans watch the match?
Fans from all over the world can watch this match in the context of the next tournament, which will be held in the near future. The Copa is a tournament of the international football, and all the teams are ready for it. They want to win gold medals, and this is why they are ready not only for the first victory, but for a long and intense struggle.
Fans can follow the development of events in real time on the website of the sports statistics, where the latest information is available.
Main favorites of this year” tournament
This year, the Copadacabra tournament has become more interesting for fans. The most anticipated match is the one between Brazil and Colombia.
Brazil is considered as the main favorite of the competition. The country has a strong lineup and is able both to win and to lose.
Another strong contender is Argentina. The Argentinean team has a long tournament distance ahead, and its main goal is to win a place in the final tournament. The fans can follow its progress on the sports website of statistics.
There are also a lot other teams that can compete with Brazil, Argentina and Colombia, but they are not as strong as the Brazilian team. Among them, the following teams can be mentioned:
* Chile;
* Uruguay;
* Bolivia;
* Paraguay.

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