Gareth Southgate’s team and tactics for England v Tunisia – predicted line-up, preview.

The first match of the new season of the English Premier League is about to begin. The teams are already in the middle of the tournament, and the fight for the title is already in full swing.
In the previous season, the main contenders for the gold medals were Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea. The new season promises to be even more interesting, as the teams will be able to show their maximum.
Now, it’s much easier to follow the results of the matches, as it� is enough to open the website of sports statistics. It provides all the necessary information about the matches of the Premier League, as well as other tournaments of the world.

The start of the championship is very important, as there is a real fight for gold medals. The first matches of this season are very interesting, so the fans can expect a lot of emotions.
Teams, line-ups and predictions for the start of English Premier league
The new season starts very quickly, and already in February the first matches have already shown that the teams are ready to fight for victory. The Premier League has a lot to offer, so it”s easy to find the necessary data on the website.
Of course, the most interesting matches are those of the teams that are fighting for the champion title. The main contenders are:
* Leicester;
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City;
* Chelsea.
It is very difficult to predict the winner of the fight, because the teams play each other for several rounds.
Leicester is the team that has the best chance of winning the title, because of the following reasons:
1. The team is the best in the Premier league for a long time.
2. The players are in excellent shape.
3. They have a good selection of players in each of the lines.
For the fans, the team has a special place in the list of the best teams in the world, because it has won the champion titles in the following seasons:
1961, “Manchester City”;
1966, ”Liverpool”.
This season, Leicester will try to win the title for the third time. The team has already managed to win it twice, but this time it will be much more difficult.
Predictions for the upcoming matches
The team has an excellent lineup, and it is ready to perform at 100%. The following players are the leaders of the team:
· Riyad Mahrez;
· “Firmino”, who scored the most goals of the season;
“Fellaini” and “Lampard” are the main creators of the game.
Also, the Leicester players have a great selection of substitutes. It is easy to follow their performance on the site of sports information.
All the information about Leicester’ matches is available to the fans in full. It’ll be easy to keep track of the results, as they are available on the platform in real time. It allows you to follow all the matches in detail, and not miss anything important.
You can find the results on the home page of the sports statistics website. Here, you’re able to find all the information from the matches that are held in the English championship.
English Premier League fixtures
The season is already very interesting. The English Premier is the most popular football tournament in the whole world. It has a long history, and many famous teams have won it.
At the beginning of the current season, there are a lot more interesting matches, and they are held every day. The line-Ups of the EPL fixtures is very interesting for fans, so now it“s much more convenient to follow them on the sports information website. It presents the results in full, so you can find all information about matches that have already taken place.
There are several lines in the Epl fixtures, but the most important ones are:
* Liverpool;
”Manchester City”;
* “Chelsea”
The line-Up of the next season
The next season of English football will be very interesting and exciting. The following teams will fight for a place in top-4:
• Tottenham;
• “Leicester”
• Manchester United.
Each of the clubs has a good lineup, so they will try their best to win gold medals again.
Fans can follow the line- Ups of all matches on the official website of the football. The EPL is a very important tournament, because in it the teams have to fight against each other to win a place at the European Cup.
Here, you can follow all results of matches that take place in English football. It will be easy, because now the data is available in full on the reliable platform.
Latest results of EPL matches
In addition to the lineups, you will also find the latest results of all the games. It means that now it is much easier for you to keep abreast of the latest news.
As for the line of the club, it is very easy to choose the most suitable one for yourself.

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