Answering the same 19 questions from everyone you know at the World Cup.

The tournament is over, and it’s time to answer the questions that were asked by fans and experts around the world.
This season, the main question was whether or not the team from England would be able to compete for gold medals. The answer to this question was a resounding “yes”.
Of course, the team didn’t win all the gold medals, but it was the best result for England in the history of the tournament.
In the end, the squad of the team was strengthened by several players who were not part of the previous season, which allowed the team to fight for the title.
All the results of the English Premier League
The team of the Royal Blues has a good chance of winning the champion title. However, it is not going to be easy to win the title, as the team has to fight against the main favorites of the season:
* Manchester City;
* Liverpool;
• Tottenham.
It is worth noting that the last time the team of Chelsea won the title was in the season of 1990.
You can follow the results on the website of sports statistics, where you will find the results from all over the world, as well as the latest news from the Premier League.

The Premier League table
The English Premier league is one of the strongest championships in the world and is considered to be the best in the continent.
However, it has been a long time since the team that won the champion’s title won the trophy for the first time.
That is why the Premier league table is also interesting for fans.
Now, the English championship is the strongest in the whole world, and the team is not behind in terms of the number of victories.
Moreover, the Premier club is the only one that has a full schedule of matches. This allows the club to have a good result in each of the games.
Also, the schedule of the matches is available to fans on the sports statistics website.
Results of the Premier tournament
The previous season of the championship was very successful for the team, as it won the gold medal for the second time in a row.
During the season, Manchester City was the main rival of the Blues. However the team managed to win only one of their matches.
After the season was over, the club was in a poor state, as many of its leaders left the club.
Therefore, the fans of the club were not able to see the results they expected from the team.
Fans of the Manchester City were not the only ones who were disappointed with the results.
Many other teams were also not able for the same reasons.
But the fans were not disappointed with their team, because they were able to watch the results in real time. This allowed them to follow the development of events in the game.
For example, the following events happened during the match against Chelsea:
1. The ball was kicked into the net of the opponent.
2. The goal was scored by the goalkeeper of the Chelsea, Kepa.
3. Chelsea was defeated.
4. Kepan scored the third goal.
5. Sergio Aguero scored the fourth goal. It is worth highlighting that the team won the match and the trophy.
6. Aguero was injured.
7. Defeats were not decisive.
8. “Chelsea” won the game, but the team did not win the trophy, as they lost the match.
9. A penalty was awarded to the team “City”, which was not successful.
10. The score was 1:1.
11. The game ended with a draw.
12. The team ‘Chelsea’ won the championship.
13. The final score was 2:1 for ‘City’.
14. The goalkeeper of ‘Manchester City’, Pablo Zabaleta, was injured, which led to the resignation of the coach, Josep Guardiola.
15. The club lost the championship, but not the trophy that it won.
16. The season ended with the victory of “Manchester City.”
The fans of ”City“ were disappointed by the results, as their team lost the title and the cup to ”Chelsea“.
”Chelsea “won the championship and the club won the cup.
At the end of the year, the ”Manchester City “was the champion and the champion of England.
So, the season ended in the best way for the club, as all the players were able for a good performance in the matches. The fans of Guardiola’ team were able not to miss anything important from the championship table.
Premier league table
This year, “Barcelona” is the main contender for the champion’s title. The Catalans have a strong squad and are able to win all their matches, as there is no one in the team who can compete with the team’ players.
There are a few problems that the club has, as a result of which it is unlikely to win gold medals in the next season.
One of the main problems is the lack of motivation of the players.

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